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Our Promise

The attorneys of WS Rechtsanwälte possess long years of experience when it comes to assisting clients and handling projects on both a national and an international level.

Put your trust in this long-standing expertise and our personalized approach. We guarantee that your concerns will not be addressed using off-the-shelf standard solutions but by means of concepts customized to suit your actual situation.

We take time to examine all of your issues and concerns, lending optimum support and assistance. To ensure the quality of our services, we emphasize personal contact and building long-term trusting business relationships.

There is a solution to every problem! To identify these solutions, we and you will need to discuss even the most delicate subjects as candidly and thoroughly as possible. Together, we will be able to find a way even in extremely difficult situations.

Based on our own extensive national and international network of legal and tax experts, we can offer you tailor-made solutions for your concerns devised by a single team of specialists.

We emphasize quality through individuality and advise both institutional investors (such as property developers) and private persons.

Purchasing your own house or condominium is an investment for life; such decisions should be well considered and therefore carefully planned. Current real estate and contract laws raise many questions that need to be addressed as part of such transactions in order to avoid problems and additional costs.

Also as far as leases are concerned, all applicable statutory provisions must be observed and utilized to reach satisfactory agreements.

Here are some examples for our real estate services:

  • preparation of purchase agreements as well as deeds of donation and conveyance
  • counseling and end-to-end support of property owners and purchasers when drafting contracts and negotiating agreements
  • handling of all land-register aspects of real estate transactions
  • counseling of landlords and tenants when preparing agreements as well as assistance during contract negotiations
  • etc.

Based on your business idea, we will select the corporate structure best suited to your requirements in cooperation with you and accompany you at every stage of your entrepreneurial activities, from establishing your company, implementing a customized distribution system, acquiring business premises, counseling on both individual and collective labor law as well as data privacy considerations to terminating business operations and winding up your company.

As attorneys licensed in all courts of law and before all public authorities in Austria, we are able to represent you in all procedures and proceedings ourselves. We do not distinguish between counseling and representation because we believe that only a lawyer specializing in the legal issues underlying a given procedure is ideally suited to represent you.

Thanks to our long years of labor law experience, we are able to advise and represent you with regard to all issues from both an employee’s and an employer’s point of you. Apart from preparing and reviewing contracts of employment and managing director employment agreements, providing advice on employee protection and all issues relating to collective labor law (such as agreements between the employer and the works council) and the termination of employment, we will be happy to counsel you on the legal aspects of company pension schemes as well as on all labor law questions arising from M&A transactions.

No matter whether you wish to use sale agents, authorized dealers, franchising or design a special type of distribution system, we will provide our long-established distribution and intellectual property law expertise to help you develop your own tailor-made distribution structure.

We will support you in all matters relating to intellectual property law, IT law and data privacy law, a legal field that is gaining more and more in importance. In particular, we are specializing in the interface of IP and distribution law as well as in data protection and labor law because we believe that the best solutions can only be achieved based on cross-disciplinary expertise.

We can advise you in all tenancy law matters from both a tenant and a landlord perspective. Our offer includes preparing and reviewing your lease agreement, tenancy law counseling and assisting you when terminating tenancy relationships.

The attorneys of WS Rechtsanwälte possess long years of experience working for national and international commercial law firms, advising small and medium-sized companies and even Fortune Global 500 corporations. We will counsel you in all legal issues including the acquisition of companies (from due diligence procedures leading up to the final purchase agreement), establishing your company and any restructuring as well as its dissolution.

The attorneys of WS Rechtsanwälte regularly give lectures on subjects our firm is specializing in, both on an in‑house level for companies as well as at advanced training events. Furthermore, we will be happy to conduct trainings on topics relevant to your line of business for you and your employees.