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Even if the legal analysis of your situation results in a “No”, we and you will nevertheless continue reviewing your case together; in many cases, a simple change of perspective may turn a “No” into a “Yes, provided…”. For us, legal counseling is a pursuit we hold in high esteem. We do not consider ourselves to be just lawyers but rather your advisers, aiming to successfully implement your own ideas by applying the optimum legal options available.

We believe that our main task is solving your problems and helping you cope with your challenges both as an entrepreneur and a private person. Our broad-based expertise allows us to examine legal issues in its entirety, not least by thinking outside the box. We are well aware of the fact, however, that highly complex problems require different kinds of expertise.

For this reason, we have a well-attuned network composed of legal, technological and tax law experts at our disposal, able to provide advice on a broad range of subjects because our clients deserve no less than the best support available.

Nobody visits a dentist because of a broken leg because the dentist also has a degree in medicine!

Professionally competent and reliable counseling and support have top priority for us, right from the first meeting with each of our clients. We set great store by transparency and comprehensibility to achieve the best possible results in the course of our collaboration. We will

  • take time listening to you
  • communicate clearly and candidly
  • work with you to put your ideas into practice
  • approach issues in a way that is solution-oriented instead of problem-oriented
  • implement your ideas in a goal-driven manner

Our success is based on experience and open, candid communication with our clients as well as on our readiness to learn from experiences as many lessons as we can. We impose the highest quality standards on our services and actively strive to maintain a dialogue with our clients. In this way, we are able to avoid misunderstandings at an early stage and optimize our cooperation with you.

The importance of qualified and reliable partners can not be overstated, in particular in difficult times. We are always prepared to lend a helping hand, not just when everything is running smoothly but especially when you or your company are faced with major challenges.

Actions speak louder than words!